Moms and Wine



Moms and Wine

My mom was a teacher and I remember how she mostly appreciated the silent moms.  The ones who did not trouble trouble.  These were the moms who left the teachers to do their jobs while they took the responsibility at home, but who would be there at the drop of a hat should there be an issue to be discussed and resolved. They were also typically the parents who helped out during events but who did not make a nuisance of themselves during school hours.  It has been my aim ever since to be that mom.

To be fair, I may have taken it a step too far since I only met my daughter’s teacher of last year a few weeks ago.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not an absent mom, just a bit of a non-interfering one. Now, there was another strategy hidden in my actions (or inactions).  My below-the-radar attitude has also kept me away from the moms and the politics that invariably comes into play when people’s dearest possessions are pitted against each other.  This all worked very well for a couple of years until I got invited to (let’s call her) Karina’s birthday breakfast…  I arrived with the obligatory gift in hand, air kisses and just enough make-up to look as though I couldn’t care less.  I was told to arrive anytime from 10 and so I arrived at 10:10. Introductions all around and then… a glass of wine…  and then another and as more moms arrived, more bottles were opened and suddenly I found myself surrounded by moms and wine and stories and wine and support and wine. New WhatsApp support groups were formed, and I left with a feeling of belonging.

This was of course the wine talking, but I learned something that day which has been a part of my life ever since:  Moms love wine and where you have wine you have stories, understanding and friendship. I still consider myself a ‘below-the-radar’ mom but I now have a few new friends who know where to find me when needed – or when my wine is needed – and I love them for it.


Tanya Liebenberg

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