Great beginnings



Great beginnings

Making great wines have always been at the forefront of everything we do. We believe in allowing the terroir to guide us in creating the ultimate wines for each vintage. We stay true to the principles of winemaking by taking our lead from the grapes and their complexities when harvesting, crushing, fermenting, ageing and ultimately creating our wines.
It is important to make our wine accessible without denying the quality it represents. We have therefore created three distinct ranges, each appealing to a specific market and/or event.


The Wine Family

Hermann Helmbold and Pieter Taljaard have been friends for longer than any of us care to remember. What is worth remembering though is how, in their younger days, they would sit on a gorgeous summers evening dreaming about the day when they would have their own wine business. These flights of fancy were always accompanied by one of the Cape’s best. In 2004 this dream suddenly became a reality when Pieter invested in a small wine farm on the outskirts of Paarl. A couple of years later he bought the farm Kersfontein and that is when the dream really took off.
In 2009 Pieter sadly lost his wife Anneke, but as fate would have it, he met Dina shortly afterwards. Dina Taljaard not only brought a smile to his face, but she also shared his love and passion for wine, making her a perfect fit for the whole Taillard family. For his sins, Pieter is also the proud father of 3 daughters and 3 sons-in-law as well as the grandfather of 7 young ones.
By the end of 2013 Pieter had the passion, the best friend, the perfect wife, the meddling family and the ideal location. Through a lot of experimentation, he also had a vision for the legacy that he wanted to create. Aided by Henriette van Greunen running the office and all the logistics and Morné van Gruenen, the farm manager with a lot of expertise they were able to keep the business running efficiently. In Hugo Truter they found the perfect winemaker to round off the team. They created Taillard Family wines.
And just as it seemed like everything was coming together, Pieter’s middle daughter, Anelise Taljaard decided to leave her corporate job for good and to take over the Management of the Taillard brand. Being a loving and supportive father, he agreed to her whims knowing that she (just like old Jacob Taillard) is stubborn enough to make a success of it. Anelise roped in the talents of Tanya Liebenberg to make sure that all their crazy ideas have some way of becoming a reality by taking care of all the background issues.
Sadly, the business also had to say farewell to Hermann Helmbold at the end of 2018. His untimely departure left a big gap in the hearts of the whole team.


Our Team

Anelise Taljaard

The Daughter

Pieter Taljaard

The Boss

Hugo Truter

The Winemaker

Dina Taljaard

The Wife

Morné van Greunen

The Viticulturist


Tanya Liebenberg

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