Morné van Greunen

Morné is a born farmer. The way he speaks of the earth, the crops and the weather leaves no doubt that he gets to live his passion on a daily basis. This comes as no surprise since he grew up in Slanghoek, Rawsonville district where his father farmed for 32 years. When his turn to work the lands came he joined the Slanghoek Wine cellar and then farmed in Goudini-Weg for 12 years before joining Taillard Family Wines in 2009.

Morné obtained his knowledge not only from his farther but was fortunate to be mentored by Prof. Eben Archer.

Morné has been an integral part of the team responsible for the growing and nurturing of our grapes to ensure we are able to produce wines of only the highest quality.

April 24, 2018