Why oh why?



Why oh why?

Who in their right mind ever decides to write a blog?  This had to be one of those crazy, third glass of wine, middle of the night, failed Eureka moments.  But now, emotionally I’ve committed, and dammit if I can run a wine farm I can surely write a blog. I mean really, how hard can it be to share your wisdom and insights with the internet?

Step one – finding a name…  What about… no, that won’t work.  Maybe… nope, too esoteric.  Uhm… uhm… maybe just go with what everybody is thinking anyway – CRAZY COW – got it! Step two – should this be serious or funny, informative or educational, researched or from the heart?  Again, the answer lies in the truth of the name since, as a Crazy Cow, I can get away with penning down anything that comes to mind, well, almost anything. That will also be a good excuse for when the writing gets influenced by some fruit from the vine…

But not everybody knows me well enough to appreciate the sarcastic and slightly dubious nature of my writings, influenced by the reality of my everyday life – balancing family and business, being a mom and wine.  So, this is dedicated to every mom (or dad) who find some excitement in the mundane, who celebrates rituals and traditions with trepidation, who wish they didn’t have to belong to so many WhatsApp groups and who are thankful for every night they are able to go to bed knowing that today was another day well lived.

It’s a fun privilege to share some of my journey with you.


Tanya Liebenberg

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